About Matteo

I’m Matteo Crescentini, a photographer specialized in destination weddings based in Italy.
For almost 10 years I’ve offered my services to international couples who have chosen to celebrate their own wedding in special places, and in various countries, in particular in enchanting Italian destinations from Tuscany to Puglia, from Piedmont to Rome.
I work in an understated and measured way, respecting your event as you imagined it, in order to translate any page of a love story into images, not only weddings, but also engagements or honeymoons.
You probably know exactly which style you want to see in your wedding  photos.
In a few words let me describe mine: it’s made up of clean, bright and warm images. I love wide open spaces, natural light, seemingly unimportant moments and people in their spontaneity.

Matteo Crescentini Best Italian Wedding Photographer
I look for images inspired by your emotions.


Each moment can contain an indelible memory.
Every time I shoot, rather than creating images tied to passing fashions, I think of that day in the future when you will look at that photograph again, reliving those moments, bringing to mind a multitude of sensations. This is why my first concern is to establish a connection between us, answering your doubts and indeed always inviting you to ask new questions. The aim is to feel comfortable, and to let everything reveal itself to the camera in a natural and instinctive way.

Each photo is created to bring you slight hints which speak of the uniqueness of your wedding, of family traditions, the people you choose to share the day with and the essence of a place. It’s a story that takes shape in the images that document the ceremony and the party, as well as in the photographs which accompany the preparations and all those in-between moments that always reward us with gestures, objects and precious details.Right up to the portraits during the “golden hour”, that is the half hour before sunset, in which to take full advantage of the softness and the magic of natural light.

“One is loved because one is loved. No reason is needed for loving.”

- Paulo Coelho

Italian Destination Wedding Photographer

Your wedding story, in the destinations you love.
Getting married is the pinnacle and the continuation of a journey that no one understands better than you meanings, details, circumstances, emotions. Let your wedding photos tell a part of this journey. Let them become a timeless legacy.

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Puglia Destination Wedding Photographer
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My photos have appeared in sector publications, in magazines and blogs