Simone and Jon Wedding in Masseria Potenti

What can I say about Simone and John and about their destination Wedding at Masseria Potenti, Puglia?
First of all that We became friends, during my trip to New York in 2018 We met again for a dinner and for eat the NewYork Cheeskake, in Greenwich Village.
Simone and John are of a couple from New York City with a passion for food, They both work in food industry, Simone make a very taste and beautiful foods, on Her own catering company named TableBk in New York City, what better place in Puglia for two lovers of good food?
If you don’t already know it, Puglia is a very characteristic region of southern Italy where the food is truly exceptional. Simone and John have decided to get married in a typical Masseria, and Masseria Potenti is one of the most beautiful Masseria in Puglia, the Masseria are ancient buildings typical of southern Italy, they were large farms of the past where people lived in self-subsistence.
Masseria Potenti is the symbol of the wedding in Masseria, it is an imposing white structure, in the middle of the Apulian countryside, Between Lecce and Foggia, on the Ionio sea, where you can taste the rael Apulian traditions inside, the true love for the land, the sun and the wind.
Masseria Potenti is a truly heaven.